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April 15-16, 2011

Sit Back And Cherish

Welcome to SBAC website...

... and reminisce the memories of our SBAC days.

 SBAC Circa 1978-1987

Those were the days -

the days of our youth;

of dreams and idealism;

of cheerful reverie

and playful camaraderie.


Those were the times -

times of carefree succor;

the prime time of vigor and verve;

times that saw our emergent careers,

our tying-the-knot and burgeoning families.


More than three decades have passed -

we have gone farther and further;

have traveled and travailed;

chose options, reached positions;

made strides amid changing tides.


Sit back and cherish...


This website is for us.

Let it be our common ground.

Let it be a repository of shared memory;

venue of self-expression and info-updates;


where anytime we can view our snapshots;

revisit the torrents of our yesterday

and watch the currents of today.


Perhaps, eventually, this site may evolve

into a cyberscroll, an e-chronicle of our journey;

a testament of our amity through the years;

the bedrock of our fossil marks on the Net.


Albeit, this may simply be

our electronic imprint on posterity -

our audio-visual representation


for our next generation.


Chito L. Aguilar

Website Administrator

(April 2011)